01 December 2020

This Giving Tuesday, we say 'Thank You'

We couldn’t get on the water this year. But, by standing with us through the pandemic, you have helped so many young people stay positive about their future after cancer treatment. That is why this Giving Tuesday (1 December) we are simply saying, ‘Thank you’.

Thank you from every young person who has felt even more lonely and isolated by the COVID restrictions, or who has shielded, stuck indoors, for seemingly endless weeks. Thank you from every family who has lived with the anxiety and fear of how COVID might affect their child who was undergoing or has had cancer treatment.

Thank you from everyone who, because of you, could still turn to the Trust to find the hope, positivity and support they needed to not only cope with life in lockdown but to keep imagining their new future after cancer treatment.

“One of the most positive things I've learned is I've got a huge, huge community around me all going through the same storm. We’re not necessarily in the same boat, but we look out for each other,” said Wen, who shielded in complete isolation indoors for 11 weeks due to the immune deficiency she lives with post-treatment.

We couldn’t get on the water this year. But we promised we would still be here for every young person who needed us. And we were. And we are. And we will be. Because while 2021 brings optimism, cancer isn’t going away.

We hope next year we will be back on the water, inspiring young people in the best way we know. Until then, thank you for standing with us through 2020. And thank you for whatever support you can continue to give now and in the future. Because these young people need us more than ever.

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