15 September 2020

Get us Round Britain again!

An overwhelming response to Round Britain Your Way has seen us smash our initial 2,400 mile target to get around Britain in the first two weeks. So just as the Trust has sailed round Britain twice before, join us to get round again!

Wow! That's all we can say. THANK YOU so much to everyone who's jumped on board with Round Britain Your Way so far. All 70+ of you. Because of your incredible efforts we have unbelievably reached our target to run, cycle, swim and walk our way collectively the 2,400 miles round Britain in the first fortnight of this month-long virtual event!

So, just as the Trust has sailed Round Britain twice in 2009 and 2017, now we're going to do the same and set a new target of 4,800 miles - or Round Britain twice! Running for the whole of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month during September, Round Britain Your Way will raise vital funds so the Trust can continue to inspire more young people to embrace their future after treatment.


Amongst those absolutely nailing it in the first two weeks include former young person and now Trust volunteer, Victoria Sanches, who climbed 3,000ft in 23,440 steps, covering 11.4km (7.08 miles) in reaching the summit of Ben Lomond in Scotland.

Meanwhile, graduate volunteer, Jack Seddon, is smashing his way through his initial 210 mile challenge target and is going to keep going, Elita McFarlane has completed half of her challenge to cycle 122 miles (the distance of her Round Britain 2017 leg from Stonehaven to Edinburgh) around her local Lochs, and Nisha Singh Corke is making awesome progress in her attempt to to cycle and swim 200 miles over eight days, each Saturday and Sunday of September.

Nisha said: "After showcasing my fundraising page for the first time on social media, I managed to complete my goal to raise £200 within the first 24 hours of this being up! I was speechless and at that point I realised there was no backing out! My overall distance covered for the first weekend was 47.93 miles! I’m so pleased with how it’s gone so far and can’t wait to carry on."

Jack said: "When the Trust announced the Round Britain your way, I knew I had to join in, and I knew I had to cycle. Although I could have picked flatter routes to build up miles quicker, I decided I had to make it a challenge, cycling up the various steep hills that surround my home. By Wednesday 16th I should have surpassed my initial goal of 210 miles, but my challenge will not stop there. It then becomes a competition against myself to see how far I can cover before the month is out."

Other honourable shout-outs go to...

And this is just a handful of the awesome challenges that are going on!

How can I get involved?

Through our exclusive Round Britain Your Way platform you will create your own bespoke challenge, track your distance(s), see the money you're raising and share your story with your friends, family, colleagues, school mates and anyone else to get more people supporting you in your awesome fundraising efforts.

Make it as challenging or fun as you want! A lot of entrants have taken on challenges to complete throughout the month, but like Victoria's, one-off achievements are just as inspiring. So could you climb a local hill too? Or perhaps you had an event place cancelled this year but could still do the distance on your own for Round Britain? What about something your family could do in a day together? Or with pools opening up, is there a lap challenge you could set yourself? When you sign up you will choose the...

Within COVID restrictions, do it by yourself, as a household, together socially distanced or as a virtual team. Connect your Strava or Fitbit and it will automatically track the distance you've completed or you can manually add in your total miles. Then tell the world what you're doing and why! The more you make your story connect with people the more they will be willing to support you.

Can I just donate?

Yes! If the thought of these challenges is enough to wear you out you can support one of the individuals or teams taking part by searching for a fundraiser here or if you can't single anyone out and want to support everyone, you can donate directly to the Trust here.

Why it matters

Young people recovering from cancer are going to need the Trust more than ever after COVID-19. Isolation, loneliness, anxiety, anger and fear are all challenges young people and their families experience during and after cancer treatment. COVID-19 is intensifying every one of these to unimaginable levels. Unprecedented levels of mental health issues are anticipated amongst young people and their families in the aftermath of the pandemic.

In parallel, the Trust expects to see its income fall by a third this year due to COVID-19 taking a heavy toll on its 2020 fundraising activities. By getting involved in Round Britain Your Way, the Trust can still be here for those young people who need our support after their treatment ends.Any questions?

Round Britain Your Way costs nothing to enter and there is no minimum fundraising pledge. Whatever you raise will make a massive difference to young people in recovery from cancer. The FAQs section of the Round Britain Your Way website should tell you everything else you need to know. Otherwise drop our team an email to [email protected]