01 May 2020

Thanks to all those that stepped it up for the Trust

It is fair to say our first virtual challenge ‘Step up for the Trust’ was a great success, with 93 incredible supporters taking part - £460 was raised just through signing up.

Thanks to all those that stepped it up during April. It was wonderful to have so many of you getting involved and not only helping us to continue to support the young people we work with during lockdown but also the young people currently on treatment who are going to need us more than ever once this pandemic is over.

We all know finding motivation to exercise at home is far easier said than done so it was wonderful to hear that this challenge inspired so many of you to keep moving. During this difficult time, it is so important that we stay as active as possible to look after both our physical and mental wellbeing.

According to the World Health Organisation, adults (18-64 years) should do at least 21 minutes of moderate physical activity a day. Over 50 of those taking part in the challenge smashed that by hitting the 5k step-a-day average.

It was close competition at the top of the leaderboard. The odds were on Stuart Cook, who maintains our yachts in Largs, he set the pace throughout the month, averaging an incredible 300 Count.it points. That’s a solid 30,000 steps per day average!

But he was overtaken by Shelia Caruso who has been crowned winner. She managed to top the leaderboard by walking around her garden without stepping a foot away from her own home. She reached a whopping 623 Count.it points in one day alone, which works out well over 50,000 steps, that’s a lot of laps around the garden. Her total steps for the month was a staggering 1,110,000 which amounts to 850KM (about 530 miles) Wow! Well done Shelia!

Thank you to everyone that took part, no matter how many steps you did you’re all champions in our eyes and we are so grateful for your amazing support.

Keep moving and motivated...

After the success of this month's challenge, we received many requests to roll this on to May, so you can continue stepping it up. We would love to help even more people get moving and motivated in May so please invite your friends and family to join the 'Step up for the Trust' challenge. Please see the link below to sign up for this month. You will receive your welcome email with an invite to the new leaderboard on Monday 4 May. Don't worry all of your steps from the weekend will be uploaded to your Count.it account.


If you want to take it a step further and get an extra boost of motivation than why not sign up for one of our running events and join our Strava club. We have places available in the Great South Run, Great North Run, Great Birmingham and Royal Parks Half - places for these events can be purchased HERE.

We'd love to hear your feedback on our 'Step up for the Trust' challenge and if you would like to take part in other virtual events in the future, please email any thoughts to ralph@emcancertrust.org