18 November 2021

CarFest raises more than £134,000 for the Trust

Festivals' founder and broadcaster, Chris Evans revealed the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust will receive £134,492.95 from CarFest in 2021 on his Virgin Radio Breakfast Show on Thursday (18 November). The Trust is a CarFest partner charity again in 2022.

Dame Ellen MacArthur joins Trust ambassadors, Emmanuel and Macy, on stage at CarFest South in August 2021More young people living through and beyond cancer will benefit from the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust's life-changing sailing and outdoor adventures after it was revealed that CarFest has raised an incredible £134,492.95 for the Trust in 2021.

The Trust has been supported by CarFest since 2019, and Dame Ellen MacArthur was a guest on Chris Evans' Virgin Breakfast Show on Thursday (18 November) when this year's total was announced live on air.

The incredible sum includes ticket sales for the two festivals that took place this summer - CarFest North and CarFest South - as well CarFest and Sporting Bears auctions and onsite fundraising.

It means altogether over the past four years, CarFest has raised more than £366,000 to help inspire young people to believe in a brighter future living through and beyond cancer.

In August, Ellen joined the Trust's CarFest ambassadors, Emmanuel and Macy, on stage at CarFest South.

Speaking to Chris Evans, Ellen said: "The young people the Trust supports are thrust into this horrendous situation, where one minute they're messing around with their mates, and are at school, and suddenly they get a cancer diagnosis.

"That shouldn't happen to young people. Yet it does. Their whole life is turned completely upside down. That little bit of magic that happens on the water, and being in that very different space, really helps those young people believe in a brighter future.

"They can do this because they're able to connect with other young people going through something similar, and on those trips you can see a young person arrive really, really lacking confidence, very quiet and not sociable at all and yet when they leave, they are a completely different young person."

Join us at CarFest in 2022!

CarFest 'tickets on sale now' graphic

CarFest is the UK’s largest family fundraising festival.

With legendary music performances, celebrity chef demonstrations, impressive cars stunts, amazing activities and celebrity appearances, CarFest offers something for every member of the family.

Created by Chris Evans in 2012, CarFest has raised over £19 million for UK charities up to date and is back for its 11th edition in 2022.

The Trust is so excited to be a CarFest partner charity again next summer.

So, whether you're a car enthusiast, dedicated foodie or music lover who’s looking for a fun-filled weekend with friends and family, join us at one of the festivals next summer!

CarFest North - Bolesworth Estate, 22nd – 24th July 2022
CarFest South – Laverstoke Park Farm, 26th – 28th August 2022

Tickets are on sale now here at the CarFest website and follow @carfestevent on social media for the latest announcements on who's performing and what's on.

The difference CarFest make

By coming along to CarFest you will have an AWESOME weekend and be helping to inspire young people to believe in a brighter future living through and beyond cancer.

Ellen adds: "The young people find it so hard to connect to their future because we can all see our future in some shape or form, but once you have that diagnosis all that stops. You're living for the moment, for the treatment, for the day.

"Every interaction with every person around you turns upside down too, because everyone asks you and your family about the cancer, people feel they can't talk about normal things because the cancer is so important.

"On Trust trips it's just about doing something different; where they're sailing, cooking, sleeping on a boat, playing games, and the sailing is just the vehicle to help the young people reconnect with their future.

"To CarFest THANK YOU so much! Being at CarFest myself last summer, the atmosphere was phenomenal and you really felt CarFest was giving people an opportunity to really make a difference."