18 June 2005

2005 Round the Island Race

18th June 05

For the first time, the Ellen MacArthur Trust competed in the JPMorgan Asset Management Round the Island Race 2005. The crew was made up of 6 previous students (Emma, Peter, Dan, Dean, Tom and another Peter) and 4 crew made up of Frank Fletcher, Kim Rowlandson, Cath Bremner (Trustees) and Martin Noyle (Operations Manager). The honorary skipper for the day was Daniel Monk, one of our previous students.

It was a wonderful day - enjoyed by all. We retired from the race after a valiant 2.5 hours trying to get around the Needles, with little wind and against the tide. However, the crew were determined to make it around the island. After nearly 12 hours of motor-sailing it was a real achievement to come home to Cowes.

Frank Fletcher said ‘Making it around the island with this very special crew was on of my proudest sailing achievements’. Thanks must go to the support of both the Island Sailing Club - for making us the 1st entry in the race and to UK Sailing Academy’s for the use of their BroadBlue 38ft catamaran ‘Spirit’.