17 July 2018

15 years and counting

Today marks the 15th anniversary of the first ever Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust trip. A very special day. Anniversaries inevitably prompt some reflection…


Back in 2003, our first trip was five young people on one boat on a four-day trip from Cowes. We took just 10 young people sailing that year. Last year we worked with 573 young people, who joined us in Cowes, Largs, across the UK on our Round Britain voyage and at 3 residential Centre's from Cornwall to the Essex Coast and the Lake District


There’s something special about turning 15 in getting a real sense of the long-term impact the Trust has had on the lives of so many young people in recovery from cancer. Those who sailed with us in the early years are now in their late 20s and 30s; they have experienced life’s ups and downs, both as a consequence of and independent to cancer. Some we’re delighted are still involved as volunteers and skippers, others have flown the nest. 


Each young person that comes sailing for the first time is incredibly special. But while the faces change, what we do doesn’t because we know it works, we know it makes a real difference.


The long-term impact is what makes the Trust unique and why we continue to want to drive the Trust to do more


Today 11 young people will be diagnosed with cancer, and nine will need our support after treatment. There will be young people we’ve not even met yet, that join us for the first time this summer, who in another 15 years we hope can reflect on the long-term impact the Trust’s had on them. 


Thank you to everybody who has been part of the Trust, made all this happen,  you know who you are,  what you have done and the difference you have made…


Here’s to the next 15….