17 September 2019

10 top Great South Run tips even if you're not signed up yet!

There are four full weeks until the 10-mile Simplyhealth Great South Run on Sunday 20 October and it’s not too late to sign up!

Whether you’re a casual jogger who just wants enjoy the event as part of the #TrustTribe, or you could already blast the distance in your sleep, there’s still time to give yourself the best chance of success on the day, whatever your goal.

Every step you take will be helping to change the life of a young person in recovery from cancer, and each runner will receive a personalised Trust running top to wear during training and on the day.

“But I could never be ready in four weeks” we hear you cry! Think again…


Here are 10 top tips:

1. This is very important - don't try to cram in more running to try and make up for lost time. The objective is to reach your optimum state of fitness on race day and then run to that level of fitness. Your progress will depend on your individual fitness level. Don't increase training unless you’re coping with what you’re doing.

2. Make a plan and stick to it – you will know what your next four weeks look like in terms of work and family commitments so factor in when and where you are going to train. Is running to or from work an option? Or running in your lunch break? Is there a group of you that could make a date to go running together?

3. Keep a training diary – it’s a great motivator as not only will you feel a sense of achievement at what progress you’re making, but it can help you analyse all aspects of your running. You can log and record your runs on the Great Run’s training microsite www.greatruntraining.org

4. Get expert advicewww.greatruntraining.org has a huge range of training advice on everything from getting started, to hydration and nutrition, practical training tips and information, health and injury, clothing and footwear, FAQs and more.

5. Get out at least three times a week – two or three short runs every week (anything from 2-4 miles), plus one longer run. Sundays are always a popular day for the long run because of work.

Great South Run route map

6. Your long run should be five miles right away - go slower than your usual speed and find a nice pace you can maintain. If you have to keep stopping, or don’t have enough breath to hold a conversation, you’re going too fast.

7. With two weeks to go – so by Sunday 6 October – you should hit eight miles.

8. Getting race ready - if you’ve been training hard, with a week to go you need to ‘taper’, so you shouldn’t do more miles than there are days leading up to the race, with those short runs during the week leading up to the race.

9. Remember why you’re doing it – there always comes a point in training for something when you wonder why you’re doing it. You’re tired, the kids are being a pain, you’ve got too much work on. When you feel like this, watch any of our YouTube videos and get your trainers on.

10. Enjoy the day – being part of the #TrustTribe is properly special. Combine that with the awesome atmosphere of Europe’s greatest 10-mile road race and you’re in for a memorable couple of hours. There are thousands of runners, so try not to get swept along quicker than your usual pace, and when it starts to get hard (did no-one tell you about the south-westerly winds you’ll be running into at miles 8-10…) soak up the support, grab the jelly babies and power through to the finish!

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