My Life Now

What are young people who have been supported by the Trust over time up to now? They check back in to share how the Trust has inspired them to believe in a brighter future living through and beyond cancer.

Dan's Life Now

Chair of the Trust's Youth Board, Dan, first sailed with the Trust in 2016 after treatment for Hodgkin lymphoma.

He missed his second ever Youth Board meeting - because he was getting married, two days before lockdown!

Dan's life now sees him helps charities with their running and operations, wanting to 'give back' after all the support he received when he was ill. Being chair of the Youth Board has helped him in his work with the chairs of other charities too.

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Belief in a brighter future

Young people go on to lead rich lives after being inspired to believe in a brighter future through the Trust. Whether it is a dream career or further education, getting back to what they had planned or a complete surprise, they share what their lives are like now (all information was correct at the time of publishing).