Vessel / Activity Turnaround Checklist


Prepared/reviewed by: James Hall, Frank Fletcher, Laura Davis
Purpose:Provide a structured, basic cleaning checklist for vessels, vehicles, and activity kit.
To be read by:Operations Manager, all team members, Trust Leads and Skippers before any activity and anyone involved the turnaround.
Also refer to:Deep Cleaning Policy
Last updated:Friday 10 June 2021


This checklist should be used with the Deep Cleaning Policy. It is not exhaustive but covers all the main steps/area that will need cleaning as part of a standard trip turnaround.


NOTE: Yachts, such as charters, that have not been in the Trust’s sole control and/or have been used since the previous Trust trip clean, should also be fogged at the start of a trip.


*Using a two-step process the below touchpoints should be cleaned; first with a detergent to remove dirt and grease, then with a disinfectant.

If someone with a confirmed/suspected case of COVID 19 has been in a vehicle, it should be cleaned as per the Deep Cleaning Policy.


As part of the activity kit and equipment pack up, everything should be cleaned and wiped down with a suitable disinfectant.

*Depending on the site there may be a combined detergent and disinfectant available, so you wouldn’t need to clean twice with two different substances.

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