Vaccinations and testing

Mitigating the risk from COVID-19 in 2023 – our approach to vaccinations and testing for young people and the Trust team (skippers, volunteers, staff).

Last updated: 31 October 2022


The Trust has run two successful summers of trips since 2020 thanks to the COVID-safety measures we put in place.

To do this, we asked that everyone who was medically eligible to have the COVID vaccination was fully-vaccinated in line with Government and independent Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) advice before taking part in any Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust activities (trips, fundraising, events, etc).

Everyone also had to report a negative COVID test before joining any Trust activities, and, during the peak of the 2022 summer COVID wave, midweek testing was undertaken to detect any cases developing since the start of the trip.

It is a balance to make sure young people can get the support they need while keeping everyone as safe as possible.

We recognise and understand our approach did stop some young people being able to join our trips in 2021 and 2022. In line with our Ambition to be accessible and inclusive to all young people who have a cancer diagnosis in the UK, in 2023, our approach will move to reflect that in wider society, and particularly schools and other education settings.

We will keep reviewing our position in line with Government and independent JCVI advice, and with our medical advisers. Please understand this advice can change at short-notice, and we will provide an update as soon as possible if our position changes in line with any new guidance.


Vaccination is no longer part of the trip eligibility criteria and/or a requirement for anyone taking part in Trust activities in 2023. But, due to the personal protection offered by the vaccination against serious illness and death from COVID-19, we strongly encourage everyone involved in Trust activities to be vaccinated in line with Government and JCVI guidelines.


Anyone taking part in any Trust activity in 2023 may be asked to test ahead of joining that activity. This decision will be made in the context of what is happening in wider society and the rate of community transmission at the time. If you are required to test, we will send you a Lateral Flow Test (LFT) ahead of the activity and let you know when to take the test and how to report the result.

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