Policy on Recording Vaccination Status


Prepared/reviewed by: James Hall, Frank Fletcher, Laura Davis
Purpose:Inform on how to collect and record the vaccination status of volunteers, Skippers, young people, and staff.
To be read by:Operations Manager, all team members, Trust Leads and Skippers before any activity.
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Last updated:Friday 10 June 2021


Anyone who is aged 18+ and on a trip must be at least three weeks post-first vaccination, unless they are medically exempt. As with all other medical information the Trust requests before any trip, an individual will provide their vaccination status in good faith. But where possible/practical, we will ask for proof of vaccination, such as photos of vaccine cards/NHS vaccine passports.


Each volunteer’s status was collected during the allocation of places in the spring. The date of their first and (if received) second dose are noted on their Salesforce contact record.

For volunteers not in a priority group and who weren’t vaccinated at that time, their status will be checked and updated as part of the normal ongoing pre-trip admin. This is the same process as checking volunteers have completed their annual safeguarding, for example.

Young people aged 18+

This will be collected as part of their standard pre-trip phone call. They will be encouraged, if possible, to send proof of vaccination, to attach to their Salesforce record.

The question “Have you had your first vaccination three or more weeks ago?” is added to the pre-trip call checklist. If a young person is medically except, this should be recorded at this time too.

Young people under 18

The vaccine is not widely available to under 18s so they do not have to be vaccinated to attend a trip and we will not be recording this information.


If a booster system is introduced in the autumn, this information will be collected and recorded in similar fashion from all parties during our 2022 preparations.


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