Lateral Flow Testing and Recording Policy


Prepared/reviewed by: James Hall, Frank Fletcher, Laura Davis
Purpose:Lays out the process for lateral flow testing and recording.
To be read by:Operations Manager, all team members and volunteers, Trust leads and Skippers before any activity.
Also refer to:Policy on Isolating for Young People, Staff and Volunteers.
Disposal of Bio-hazardous Waste Policy

Last updated:Friday 10 June 2021


To make sure all our trips are as COVID-secure as possible, everyone taking part in each trip will have to do a number of lateral flow tests depending on the length of the trip. These tests are part of our overall COVID safety strategy, which includes sanitising, social distancing, and ventilation. Testing alone is not a sole prevention measure.


Every young person, skipper, volunteer, and travel volunteer must take a self-administered lateral flow test not more than 72 hours before the start of the trip and provide proof of a negative test to the Trust team before joining or supporting that trip.

This includes any staff member, who will come into contact with the trip and/or is working from the office at the time of a trip starting from that location.

Under 18s due to attend a residential trip will be asked to complete two lateral flow tests before the start of the trip.

If you don’t provide proof of a negative test result, or don’t want to take the test/send the results, you will no longer be able to join the trip.

What you need to do - young people/volunteers/Skippers

The Trust team member responsible for that trip’s admin must…


Everyone on a 4 or 5-day residential return trip, will also need to do at least one more lateral flow test on-site during the trip. The Trust will provide these tests.

The Role Of The Trust Lead/Skipper

At each site/on each yacht, the Trust Lead/Skipper is responsible for…

Once the results have been received from the Trust Lead/Skipper, the Trust team member responsible for the trip admin will Update the lateral flow test log sheet .

The Operations Manager will give the Trust Lead/Skipper the appropriate training and briefing on testing in the pre-trip briefing.


On residential trips…


Operations team responsibilities…


Information and documents will be held and processed in line with GDPR. Test results will be kept for 3 months.


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