Policy on Getting People Home In Suspected/Confirmed Case


Prepared/reviewed by: James Hall, Frank Fletcher, Laura Davis
Purpose:Information on how anyone with suspected/confirmed COVID will be transported home.
To be read by:Operations Manager, all team members, Trust leads and Skippers before, anyone assisting with arranging transport home.
Also refer to:Policy on Isolating for Young People, Staff and Volunteers.
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Disposal of Bio-hazardous Waste Policy

Last updated:Friday 10 June 2021


If someone has any official COVID symptom(s) or a positive Lateral Flow Test result during a trip, transport must be arranged for them to go home to arrange a PCR test and isolate. How they get home will depend on their age, situation, and wellness.

The official COVID symptoms are:

Click here for more information - Symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19)


A young person tests POSITIVE or tests negative but has COVID SYMPTOMS:

Over 18s

* Ultimately the young person could choose to not follow our advice and travel home via other means and this to a certain degree is out of our control.

Under 18s

Someone tests NEGATIVE, does not have official symptoms, but you are still concerned:

There is anecdotal evidence that symptoms for the Delta variant may differ from the three classic symptoms. We must follow the official guidance and if the official symptoms are updated by the Government, this policy will also be updated to reflect any change in advice.

But you may have a situation where, despite a negative test result and that person not displaying a classic COVID symptom(s), you want extra advice/guidance. In this circumstance, contact the Operations Manager responsible for the trip to discuss.


If a Trust team member or volunteer tests…


There may be circumstances where a private COVID secure ambulance is the only way to get an individual home safely. Trust and hire vehicles are not COVID secure and must not be used for this purpose.

If a young person is being taken home by private ambulance, a Trust team member or volunteer may have to go with them. There will be a secure area in the cab for that team member/volunteer to sit, which does not present a risk of infection. We still have a duty of care until the young person is back with their parent/guardian.

Identified Providers:

Depending on availability on the day, other providers do operate.


If someone leaves a trip after a positive test, it is highly likely both they and the Trust will be contacted by NHS Track and Trace. Where possible, make a note of the notable interactions they had whilst on the trip so we can give NHS Track and Trace accurate information.


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