Disposal of Bio-hazardous Waste Policy


Prepared/reviewed by: James Hall, Frank Fletcher, Laura Davis
Purpose:Instruct on how to dispose of personal waste from individuals with confirmed/suspected COVID-19 and/or who are displaying COVID symptoms, and waste from cleaning areas where that person(s) have been, including PPE, cleaning equipment and used tissues.
To be read by:Operations Manager, all Trust team members, Trust Leads and Skippers before any activity, and any staff, skipper, Trust Lead, or volunteer disposing of waste as per above.
Also refer to:Deep Cleaning Policy
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Last updated:Friday 10 June 2021


When someone has suspected/confirmed COVID-19 and/or is displaying symptoms you must dispose of any of personal waste, or waste used for cleaning potentially contaminated areas in a COVID-secure way. This includes PPE, disposable cloths and used tissues.

*Either in a designated external locker (yacht trip) or designated room/area (outdoor activity centre). Do not put it in a communal waste area until a negative test result has been confirmed, or the waste has been stored securely for at least 72 hours.

If, in an emergency, you need to move the waste before 72 hours, it must be treated as Category B infectious waste. You must:


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