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Showcase your talents, use your skills, mark an event or give something up – how you can personally make a huge difference to a young person rebuilding their life after cancer.

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What could you do?

Organise an event to remember

From quiz nights to gala dinners, glitzy fashion shows to golf days, Christmas shows to Easter Egg Hunts there are so many fun events you can put on. You will find local venues are usually more than happy to help and, in this COVID world, many can be equally tailored in a virtual or socially distanced way. Get your friends and family to help you too.

Going digital

Digital fundraisers have been massively popular during lockdown. So how could you bring your talents online to raise money with just an internet connection. Stream a musical performance from your home, use your skills to make and sell things online, organise cook-a-long or craft sessions, or host an online auction maybe? You will have many more ideas!

Gaming for Good

If you’re an avid gamer, could you host a video game challenge to raise money for the Trust? For example, a one-v-one contest against a friend? A 24-hour gaming broadcast? A 'speedrun' where you try to complete the game as fast as possible? Then during your livestream, direct viewers to places they can donate. This was huge globally even before lockdown, now it’s going to another level. Gaming for Good

Be creative and stand out

Do something that really stands out to capture people’s imaginations. Head shave? Sit in a bath of beans? A sponsored silence? Host a blindfold tea or dinner party where guests have to guess what they are being served? Or come up with something completely weird, wonderful and new. Just whatever you do, be safe!

Take on a 'Marathon' challenge

You don’t have to run 26 miles to take on a marathon. There are lots of endurance ideas that get sponsorship rolling in. Could you play an instrument or sing for hours? What about organising a dance, Zumba, pilates or yoga-a-thon for you or for others to get involved in too? You might not be able to do this indoors, but could you arrange something socially distanced in a park and within Government guidelines, or maybe virtually online?

Reward perseverance

Could you give something up people would get behind you for? What’s your vice? Smoking? Chocolate? Swearing?? Or is there something you really don’t like you could dedicate yourself to? Hate sci-fi? Commit to watching entire Star Trek box sets. Can’t bear facial hair? Grow a beard. Don’t like Marmite? Have it every day. Whatever would be really tough.

Celebrate good times

Got a birthday coming up? Nothing you especially want for Christmas? Why not ask for a donation to the Trust and get people to support young people in recovery from cancer instead of buying gifts. You can set up ‘celebration’ fundraising pages on websites like JustGiving or you could do it through Facebook Fundraisers.

Get your bake on

In ‘normal’ times, organising a bake sale for friends, family, colleagues, schools or clubs is a hugely popular way of fundraising. Eating delicious bakes, donating per slice (or two!) and sharing a cuppa; is there a tastier way to raise cash? But COVID doesn’t have to equal turning off the oven. What about a virtual bake-off competition instead? A ‘Big Boaty Bake-a-thon’ perhaps? Get baking, share your photos and videos and everyone involved can vote for the winner. Plus, you don’t have to share your creations with anyone else!

Get our fundraising pack

However you’re supporting the Trust, take advantage of our awesome fundraising resources. Including our Trust fundraising guide, collapsible collection box, proposition letter, range of posters, sponsorship form, flyers, postcards, talks guide and more. Download what you need from our website or contact our team the real thing!

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Other ways you can help

Your impact - live dashboard

John's Annual Clay Shoot

"Conversations with a young person made me realise what a profound effect the Trust had had on his life post-cancer treatment." - John

Across the years, John Burton's annual clay shoot day has rasied enough money to support more than 80 young people on their first sailing trip — that's over £50,000! John first got involved with the Trust in 2012.

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