Young people are going to need us more than ever after the COVID-19 crisis. We have to be here for them. There are so many ways you can help a young person get their life back on track after cancer – the only limit is your imagination!

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Young people are going to need us more than ever after the COVID-19 crisis. We have to be here for them.

What could be more satisfying than a sense of achievement and raising money you know will make a huge difference a young person’s future? Whether pushing your physical or mental limits, or doing something fun with your friends, family, colleagues or the local community, it all counts.

Putting the FUN in fundraising

You want to enjoy your fundraising, so come up with something that is an achievement for you and other people can get excited about too. The Trust’s fundraising team is here to support you.

Whatever your passion or idea, we can help you find a way to turn in into a money-raiser. And if you need resources like branded fundraising goodies and collecting tins, just ask! We will also help share your story too.

Knowing you are making a life-changing difference is the only motivation you need.

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Be creative!

Capture people’s imaginations with an innovative idea, or something they can feel part of, and you are on to a winner.

Office jargon drive you mad? Set up a jargon swearbox at work. Have an infamous sweet tooth? Stick to savoury for a week and get sponsored. Got a group of friends up for a laugh? Host a blindfold tea or dinner party where guests have to guess what they are being served.

Or be even bolder and set yourself a personal challenge so weird or wonderful people cannot fail to be impressed!

You always surprise us with your inventive ways to support young people in recovery from cancer. What’s next?

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Join the #TrustTribe - sign up for one of our events or do your own. The Trust has places in many national and local events and organise our own too.

Perhaps there is an iconic or local event not on our list you would love to do? Or you have a brilliant idea to get people involved and want to organise your own event? The Fundraising Team is always on hand for advice and support. Let us know what you are thinking!

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Santa raft race

"So many people are touched by cancer, people are keen to support financially. To find a charity which offers something so positive to young people really inspired us."

Camilla and Adam Johnson raised almost £4,000 for the Trust when they got dressed up as Santa for the Lewes to Newhaven Raft Race. The race happens each year on the River Ouse in East Sussex and involves spectators throwing eggs and flour at a whole host of novelty floats and their crew.

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