Step up for the Trust

1-30 May 2020 | Virtual challenge

‘Step up’ to stay active at home and support the Trust!

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‘Step up’ to stay active at home and support the Trust!

It was fantastic to see so many of you joining our first Step Up challenge!

If you missed out in April, or enjoyed it so much you fancy joining us for another month of movement, sign up to the May ‘Step up for the Trust’! Keep one step ahead of the rest of the #TrustTribe to top the steps leaderboard by the end of May, or if you are a returning 'Stepper' see if you can beat your April score! Aim for an average of 5,000 steps a day but most importantly just get moving.

We all know how vital it is to our physical and mental wellbeing to stay as active as possible. But when you’re stuck at home, keeping up your daily step count doesn’t come so easy. According to the World Health Organisation, adults (18–64 years) should do at least 21 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity a day.

By ‘Stepping up for the Trust’ you will be helping to keep your heart and head healthy while supporting young people to rebuild their lives after cancer.

How it works

  • Sign up to ‘Step up for the Trust’ and make a £5 donation.
  • You will then receive a welcome email with the full details about the challenge and an invitation to join the ‘Step Up’ app and leaderboard.
  • Keep count – once you've downloaded the 'Step up' app it will link to your phone’s Health app and start counting your steps.
  • During the challenge you will receive weekly updates, as well as being able to get involved in a bit of healthy competition on the in-app chat feature.
  • We will ramp up the competition by providing updates on our social media too!
  • Take your fundraising further and get your friends and family to support you on our 'Step up for the Trust' Just Giving page or create a page of your own!
  • Or why not inspire them to pledge £5 and sign up and get involved too?

What you get

  • Everyone completing the challenge will get a virtual certificate at the end of May
  • Those who complete over 150,000 steps – an average of 5,000 steps a day - will receive a special certificate.
  • The person topping the leaderboard with the most steps at the end of May will join our April winner as ‘Step up for the Trust’ champion and receive a special prize!
Sign up now!

If you've got any questions, need any help or support, want to tell us why you are getting involved or you have any other idea drop us a line!

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What can I do?

A few ideas as to how you can get your step count up whilst we’re in ‘lock down’.

  • Talk and walk – we’re all spending more time phone and video calling so instead of sitting down, wander about and watch that step count rise.
  • Love your stairs – if you live in a house or have steps into your garden make the most of them and challenge yourself to go up and down them a few times a day.
  • Set an alarm – when you get stuck into a piece of work, a gripping boxset or a good book you can not move for hours. So nudge yourself to get up for a bit.
  • Online workout – whether you’re a walking work-outer or want something a bit more vigorous, YouTube is full of exercise gurus guaranteed to get your stepping.
  • Use your one-a-day – the Government guidance allows for one form of exercise a day, for example a run, walk or cycle, alone or with members of your household. If you’re able to leave the house, use this time to maximise your step capacity.
  • Act like you’re in the office – working from home can equal lots of sitting down. So still get up to make those cups of tea, have lunch and even try standing up for conference calls. Anything to stop you being sedentary for hours on end.
  • Have kids – ha! Not something we’re suggesting you rush to do now if you haven’t already, but, let’s be honest, anyone trying to entertain little ones right now is going to SMASH this challenge!

Share your ideas

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