It's our 20th birthday this year! To celebrate, join our #200for20 fundraiser in July – our 20th anniversary month – and aim to raise at least £200 to help inspire even more brighter futures.

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Celebrate our 20th anniversary by taking on #200for20!

2023 is our 20th birthday!

We want to inspire more young people to believe in a brighter future living through and beyond cancer. Your support is vital in that.

Set a goal of raising £200 - in a nod to our 20th year - this year. Check out some ideas below for inspiration, or come up with your own, it is entirely up to you.

How to get started

  • Set up a JustGiving page to update your supporters on your progress and connect it to the #200for20 JustGiving page here. Let them know how your reading marathon is going or how your crafting project is coming along, while encouraging them to donate to your fundraiser.
  • Support you receive offline can be sent directly via our donate page.
  • First time fundraising or just looking for some additional pointers? Check out our fundraising pack with helpful tips and advice or contact the team to request any resources you might need

Here's to the next 20 years

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Get inspired or come up with your own ideas

BBQ banquet

Invite your friends to your house, park or beach and ask for donations to attend. A great way to catch up with your pals while supporting a great cause, just like the Trust's very own iconic BBQs.


Stay cosy while fundraising and set yourself an ambitious target for the month. Make a dent in your overflowing 'to read' pile while making a difference to young lives.

Get crafty

Whether a seasoned pro or starting out, handmade means heartfelt. Whether you make jewellery or poetry, you crochet or paint, sell your crafts to fundraise - and tell your buyers about your good cause.

Ice cream social

Did you know July is National Ice Cream Month? As if we needed an excuse! What better opportunity to partner with a local ice cream parlour? Or set up a DIY sundae station!

Game for good

From speedruns to Twitch marathons, fundraising via video gaming is huge. Spend a day with Kratos, get your pals together for a battle royale, set personal goals - all while inspiring young people.

Carboot for good

A classic. Clear out your dusty old records and classic t-shirts while raising some money for life-changing sailing adventures.

Brave the shave

New year, new do? A big change deserves big praise, so why not raise some funds while trying out a different look. It is tried and tested and requires bravery!

Wimbledon sweepstake

The tennis tournament returns in July, so why not set up a sweepstake? Charge £5 for entry with the winner receiving half while donating the other half. Go the extra mile and throw a Wimbledon-themed party with strawberries and cream!

Water fight!

Organise a water fight in your garden or a nearby park. Gather your friends and family and have everyone donate to take part. Whip out your best water pistols in an ode to the Trust's legendary water fights.


Perfect for friends, family or colleagues, in person or virtual. Winners receive half with the other half becoming a donation. House!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can take part?

Anyone! #200for20 is a chance for our awesome Trust community to celebrate our 20th birthday together by doing some amazing things. So set your own challenge or get your family and friends involved too! Just make it a fundraiser to remember!

Is there an entry fee?

Nope! None! Zero pounds! Just set a fundraising target as you build your page. Go to JustGiving.com and link your page to our #200for20 campaign page.

Is there a minimum fundraising pledge?

To celebrate our 20th birthday we are asking everyone to aim to raise at least £200 from their fundraiser. But, just raise what you can. Be ambitious with your event and fundraising target and see how you get on!

What could I do?

It’s up to you! Take on a physical challenge if that's your bag, host an event or simply do something you love and ask people to support you in reaching your goal. There are lots of ideas on this page and in our fundraising pack. Or if you need more inspiration, just get in touch!

When does #200for20 start?

The campaign is running throughout the whole of our birthday month of July. But we know July can be a busy month for families and young people so if you want to do your challenge either side of the month that's absolutely fine. You can sign up any time to start fundraising. So what are you waiting for!

Can we take part as a team?

Yes, the more the merrier! You could sign up as a household or take on a challenge with family. friends or colleagues or even as a virtual team. Think of a cool team name too!

How do I get started?

You sign up by building your fundraising page. Go to JustGiving.com and link your page to our #200for20 campaign page.Add what you're doing, why you're doing it and how much you want to raise, and your fundraising page will be created for you. You’re good to start fundraising!

How can I ask people to support me?

Once your page is set up, get it out there!

Nothing is more powerful than word of mouth. Spread the word, tell your friends, family and colleagues or fellow students what you are doing and why supporting the Trust is important to you.

You can share directly to all the main social media networks, including Facebook, Instagram Twitter and LinkedIn, or if email or WhatsApp works best for you, use that instead.

Maybe mix it up across all platforms as you share with the world what you're doing, how you're getting on with preparing and why people should get involved and support you. You can also download paper sponsorship forms as part of our fundraising pack here.

The more you make your story connect with people the more they will be willing to support you.

Do I have to do a challenge?

No. If you simply want to show your support for people who are taking on #200for20 go to our #200for20 campaign page to donate. Or if you want to get a collection going at school, work or any club or organisation you're part of, contact the team and we can send you as many collection boxes as you need.

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