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The Youth Advisory Group is an invaluable link between the young people and the full Board of Trustees. Its aim is to make sure when strategic decisions are made, what’s important to young people is put first.

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Adam Brombley

First sailed with us age 16 in 2015

The Trust has been such a huge part of my life since I was 16. Being part of the Youth Advisory Group is an opportunity to help advise on the wider running of the charity, as another form of giving back alongside volunteering on trips.

Danielle Clapcott

First sailed with us aged 18 in 2015.

The Trust gave me the opportunity to realise I could still be adventurous, and push my own barriers after treatment. I want to use my voice that I found on the trips to ensure other young people have great experiences!

Mimi Kenworthy

First sailed with us aged 12 in 2017

Having lost my leg due to my cancer, the Trust helped me regain my confidence. I joined the group in order to ensure that everyone affected by cancer can access the Trust and build a community with those who understand their experiences, just as I did.

Georgia Leslie

First sailed with us aged 19 in 2022.

My life has changed massively since my first sailing trip with the Trust. From not being confident in myself after cancer, I’m now able to realise the person I am now after cancer is just as perfect. I want to help others gain this confidence back too.

Emilia Luker

First sailed with us aged 12 in 2019.

The Trust has made me so happy and given me so much confidence, I’ve made so many incredible friends. I joined the Youth Advisory Group to help others who went through the same experiences as me also gain confidence through the Trust's incredible experiences!

Omar Rafiq

First sailed with us aged 20 in 2021.

I wanted to join the Youth Advisory Group as I want to break down the barriers between communities, so everyone from different ethnicities can join our wonderful Trust trips when they happen.

Victoria Sanches

First sailed with us aged 16 in 2013.

I wouldn't be the person I am today without the support and confidence the Trust has given me. I want to be a part of giving young people the long-term support which has changed my life, and can change theirs too.

Enna Stephens

First sailed with us aged 10 in 2014.

Sailing gave me so much confidence and joy to be there and I am super excited to be a part of the Youth Advisory Group. Hopefully I can help young children have similar experiences as me while on this amazing charity’s trips.

Rebecca Stranex

First sailed with us aged 14 in 2021.

The Trust has been a constant support for me the past few years, and I want to help others gain the confidence and friendships the Trust helped me to develop. Being with the youth advisory group, I can do this!

Matt Tozer

First sailed with us age 13 in 2010

The Trust transformed my life, fostering belonging, building my independence and confidence. Now a trained outdoor instructor and devoted First Mate, I'm a testament to the incredible difference this charity makes. I look forward to giving back by being on the Youth Advisory Group.

Helen Warner

First sailed with us aged 13 in 2015

The Trust gave me the freedom and confidence to talk about my experiences with cancer with the most amazing community of people. I'm really excited to continue to be part of the Trust community through the Youth Advisory Group.

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