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The people in Cowes and Largs who make it all happen - from organising and delivering the different trips to masterminding the fundraising and communications efforts.

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Frank Fletcher


I have the honour of leading the most amazing team, meeting the most inspirational young people and seeing first-hand the change we can make. The young people inspire me every day to do more.

Jeremy Morris

Operations Manager, South

I'm excited to begin my adventure of making a difference to the young people who come on our trips. Having worked in more commercial yachting, I’m looking forward to using my expertise to give back to the community.

James Hall

Operations Manager, North

I work with the fantastic Largs team to make sure the trips we run from here are great fun and full of happy safe young people. I really love seeing the difference our hard work makes to the young people.

Lindsay Nehorai

Fundraising Manager

I manage the fundraising team and ensure we raise the funds needed, whilst giving our supporters the best experience possible. It's incredible; seeing first-hand the difference the trips make is extremely motivating.

Phil Steventon

Fundraising Manager (Maternity Cover)

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Karenza Morton

Communications Manager

My first trip, as a journalist, in 2005 was the best thing I’d ever done for work. Once you’ve seen the Trust’s impact you want to do more. Giving more young people the chance to change their lives underpins all we do.

Becca Burt


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Krissi Cartwright-Riley

Volunteer & Team Development Manager

I have the pleasure of supporting our awesome volunteers and team, who are such a vital part of our community. I’m love seeing the fabulous impact volunteers have on young people.

Claire Rolfe

Executive Assistant to the CEO & Business Support

Hearing the laughter and chatter and ‘best bits’ on the last day is just amazing. Watching these incredible young people leave with a spring in their step and smiling makes all the behind the scenes work so worthwhile!

Ashton Howard

Digital & Social Media Lead

I spread the word about the Trust's amazing impact. Having experienced this first-hand, my aim is to ensure every young person in recovery knows we're here for them and how the Trust can transform their life.

Scott Wilson

PR & Media Lead

Based in Largs, I write, snap, tweet, interview, and create content, all to spread the good word of the Trust and its magic. I’m grateful to see the Trust’s impact and to share its stories.

Lucy Hinkley

Lead Return Trips Coordinator

Return trips give young people the chance to come back year after year. Knowing I am part of a team working with young people in the long-term as they rebuild their lives is what gets me out of bed in the morning.

Holly West

Young Person & Hospital Liaison, South

I liaise with hospitals, charity partners, young people and families in the South regarding first time sailing trips on the Isle of Wight. The young people are my motivation to organise more fun, FUNNY and safe trips - just phenomenal!

Jill Wallace

Young Person & Hospital Liaison, North

I liaise with families, young people, hospitals & charity partners in the North to organise first time trips. The best part of my job is seeing the difference in young people from stepping off the bus to when we have our debrief at the end of the week.

Hayley Attrill

Young Person & Hospital Liaison, South

My best moment was when a young boy, who had really struggled all week with his reduced mobility and homesickness, said at the end, “It was the best time of my life,” with a huge grin.

Hayley Skinner

Trust and Foundations Fundraiser

I am responsible for cultivating, stewarding, & managing relationships with a portfolio of funders, creating tailored applications for funding and reporting on our yearly activity. I love hearing the feedback from young people about their experiences!

Lorna MacDonald

Return Trips Coordinator

I ensure those working and volunteering with us have sufficient safeguarding documentation to ensure all the trips run smoothly. I love listening to stories the young people return with; what amazing memories they make!

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Community & Individuals Fundraiser

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Megan Griffiths

Relationships Fundraiser

Sharing the Trust magic with supporters and being part of the team that generates funds to make trips happen is very rewarding. I love being surrounded by the positive impact the Trust has on young people, it’s so inspiring!

Jade Beasley

Events & Partnership Co-ordinator

Events and Partnerships is a fantastic way to communicate the inspirational work of the Trust to multiple audiences. It's a pleasure to be able to share the stories of the Trust Tribe.

Christian Meredith

Fundraiser (Trusts & Corporates)

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Alicia Anderson

Admin Assistant (Volunteers)

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Becky Ellis

Team support & Deputy Ops Manager

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