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The supporters who go above and beyond to champion the Trust, and who have played a significant role in the Trust being where it is today.

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Our Ambassadors

Mark Turner

Trust Co-founder

My best Trust moment was the one when Ellen and I decided to create it. It is a life-changing charity.

Shirley Robertson

2x Olympic Sailing Gold Medallist

Everything about the Trust is spirited. After a Round the Island Race I remember listening to the excited storytelling of the day’s adventure, hearing the laughter and smiles while eating fish and chips, it was perfect.

Daniel Monk

Young Person & Skipper

Everything about the Trust is an adventure. You can’t beat sailing towards the Needles on lovely sunny day with everyone in conversation about how they can all relate to each other. The smiles are awesome.

Rob da Bank

DJ and Bestival founder

Whenever I spend any time with the young people I realise there is a much bigger picture out there in the world than our often selfish personal lives. It is such a crucial charity for changing young people’s lives.

Mark Stevens

Young Person & Trustee

I am always amazed how many hundreds of people have benefited from the Trust’s work, and the immeasurable, positive effect it will have on their lives for years to come, when I see all the photos in the Cowes office.

Luke Patience

2x Olympian & 2012 Silver Medallist

The Trust is so inspiring and it is an honour to be involved. It’s so humbling and I would love to think I could give something back to people that need it, through a sport that has given me so much.

Charlotte Dobson

British Sailing Team & 2x Olympian

During a Round the Island Race, the jib fell down and we had to rustle up the storm jib to continue. It was impressive seeing the young people solving the problem together and getting us back into the race.

Drew Harrison

Former Trustee

The Trust is a family. I have too many ‘best moments’ to single out one, but arriving at the East Cowes base for the first time and seeing what we had achieved was a serious heart flutter moment!

Clive Stephen

Former Chair of Trustees

Seeing the effect the Trust has on the lives of so many young people and their families, for me to have played a small part in this incredible charity is a true privilege. The Trust breeds optimism.

Kim Rowlandson

Former Trustee

In one word the Trust is ‘Magnifique’! It has been incredible to meet such lovely people and I have been so impressed by their courage and fortitude.

Michael Davie

Fundraising Committee member

The Trust is transformational. I saw one young person with severely impaired vision helming brilliantly for over an hour. Apparently she had been told she would likely never drive. But that was before she’d joined the Trust.

Chris Micklethwaite

Former Trustee

There is only one way to describe the Trust; it is awesome! I will never forget being at Bradwell and seeing first-hand how the Trust makes a difference.

Sally Tami

Former Parent Trustee

I consider the Trust a family. This was really bought home to me when I was sitting with young people on their boats after they had completed the 2016 Round The Island Race; the sense of achievement was just fantastic.

Luke Gilbert

Trust Legend

Luke was an inspiration to everyone he met. Having first sailed with the Trust in 2010 he became an Ambassador in 2012. Luke sadly passed away in 2016. The Luke Gilbert Volunteer of the Year Award was created in his memory.

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